Purchasing brand name cleaning supplies just took on a new shine.  Like the proven products that eliminate dirt and grime, the Purchase Advantage Program scrubs through the toxic supply expense that’s eating your bottom line.  Here’s how:

  • Pricing levels.  How about double-digit savings over retail pricing?  We’ve negotiated with key distributors to reduce costs on the quality products you use every day.
  • Core products.  Great prices are even better when they are for the products you actually use every day to ensure consistent performance for your clients.
  • Data tracking and purchasing management tools.  Now, it’s easy to see what you are actually spending on the products you need for your business- and it’s even faster to shop for the best price on the products you need. 
  • You’re already enrolled.  It’s part of your BSCAI membership.

It’s an innovative solution that gives you new choices and puts you back in control of your business, your service level and your bottom line.